Fish Farm Merge

We have combined the realistic 3D graphics of Fish Farm 3 with a complete new gameplay.
Click, tap and drag to merge Fish. Upgrade fish to earn more Coins and unlock new species!
We offer the amazing amount of more than 340 unique fish species.
Crossbreed different species to generate an unlimited variety of fish in your aquariums.


  • Tap and drag to merge fish; merged fish will unlock new fish species
  • Buy, merge, and manage your fish
  • Lean back, and enjoy your aquariums in fullscreen, while they earn coins for you
  • Get Idle Money, even when you are OFFLINE and pause playing!
  • More than 340 different kinds of AMAZING fish species!
  • Collect fish
  • Own multiple tanks
  • Decorate your tanks
  • Choose from various boosts to increase your profits!
  • EASY to play: Click, tap, drag, merge and earn coins!
  • Addictive and stunning graphics
  • No WIFI needed!

Tips and Tricks:

  • Keep merging fish to unlock new species
  • New fish earn more coins
  • Don’t miss any chance to get free fish
  • Use the boosts to increase your profits
  • Buy more Fishes, merge more fishes, and produce more Coins!

Please note that Fish Farm Merge is free to play and thus ad-financed.

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